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#1072 You Can’t Take Back Words So Think Before You Respond

In our relationships and in our interactions over social media people often get us so angry that we want to respond to provoke the same reactions from them that they have brought out in us. Always remember that you can’t take back words so think before you respond. Even the simple act of waiting an hour or a day before reacting can mean a very different response. That simple delay can help you react from logic rather than emotion.…

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#1071 The Pragmatic Approach to Dealing with Covid 19

Economies are beginning to reopen in many parts of the world, but the threat of Corona transmission is still high. How do we decide which activities to resume?  Today we discuss the pragmatic approach to dealing with Covid 19.

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#1070 Three More Hacks to Help Alleviate your Corona Stress

Uncertainty causes stress. There’s not a person on the planet that isn’t affected by the uncertainty we are facing with this pandemic. We must find some ways to continue to move forward, manage stress, and maintain our optimism. Today we discuss three more hacks to help alleviate your Corona stress.

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#1069 Mastering the Art of Working from Home

Now that many of us have completed our second month of being away from the office I thought it would make sense to focus on mastering the art of working from home.

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#1068 If You Want to Reach Your Long Term Goals Value Consistency over Intensity

Many of us have been taught to work as hard as we can on anything that we take on. Whether it’s work, sports, exercise or diet, the harder you work you quicker you achieve what you set out to do. The problem with this mentality is that it’s often not sustainable. If you set out to lose 20 pounds in a month, it would be very challenging. If you are disciplined,  you could probably succeed. If instead you decided to change your lifestyle to eat healthier foods in more frequent but smaller meals, it would take a longer time to lose the weight, but because you’re not starving yourself  (which equates to working as hard as you possibly can on your diet) it has a greater probability of being sustainable.…

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#1067 Thoughts on Adapting and Thriving in Social Isolation

This game we call life has changed significantly in the past two months. Take a moment to evaluate where you are. How well have you adapted to your new situation? Do you spend time wishing to do the things you can no longer do? Are you using this crisis as an excuse to justify your current situation, or are you responding to the changes and executing your next move?  For many of you, life since Corona has given you lemons.…

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