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#1178 The Flexibility to Change Your Opinion is a Wonderful Attribute in Politics, in Business and in Life

Most people I know have become more rigid in their opinions. We often see our viewpoints as the foundation of who we are as people. Once we inform others of our viewpoints, changing them can be viewed as a weakness. Having the flexibility to change your opinion is a wonderful attribute in politics, in business and in life. If we opened ourselves to new ideas and new developments and relinquished our need be right, we would progress much faster as a society.…

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#1177 Are You Spending Time with the Right People?

We all have a finite amount of time to spend with people outside of work. Those interactions can go a long way toward determining our overall happiness and success in life. The question is, are you spending time with the right people? Today’s show will pose some questions that will help you determine if the people you’re spending time with are adding or subtracting from your life experience.

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#1176 The Single Biggest Driver of Lifetime Happiness Is…

On past shows we’ve discussed the importance of relationships on overall happiness. Today’s discussion focuses on a new study on men suggesting that there is something beyond the quality of relationships that represents the single biggest driver of lifetime happiness. 

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#1175 If You Want to be Universally Liked Here are Five Ways to Raise Your EQ

Few people become successful without the help of others. While being smart can help, academic intelligence without emotional intelligence rarely gets you there. Today’s discussion focuses on ways to raise your EQ so that you succeed in winning people over.

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#1174 A Simple Method to Retool Your Mind to Focus on What’s Going Right

Our reality is driven by our thoughts. If those thoughts are focused on what’s going wrong, our reality is unfolds through a lens of negativity. The solution is to utilize a simple method to retool your mind to focus on what’s going right. That is the basis of today’s discussion.

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#1173 Breaking 5 Ribs Can Really Put Life Into Perspective

We take good health for granted until life throws us a curve ball and takes it away. Today discussion touches on how breaking 5 ribs can really put life into perspective.

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