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#1035 If You Want to Experience Greater Happiness Appreciate What You Have

Many people believe that their happiness will be achieved when ┬ácertain milestones are reached. It could be retirement, a dollar amount, a change of venue, or a particular person in your life. If the goal is happiness, appreciation is the solution. It’s not possible to be unhappy in the moment that you are appreciating something. ┬áThe message is simple, If you want to experience greater happiness appreciate what you have.

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#1034 Create the Life You Want

Today we discuss how to create the life you want.

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#1033 The Key to Solving Your Problems is to Help Others with Theirs

We often allow ourselves to become consumed by challenges. The key to solving your problems is to help others with theirs. As you focus on issues larger than you own, you divert your attention elsewhere. This provides needed perspective. You also get the benefit goodwill received from those you help.

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#1032 If You Want to Create More Personal Time Become Get More Efficient at Getting Things Done

We are all busy. What if you could become slightly less busy and use your new found time to follow a passion or spend more time with a loved one? There’s not a person on the planet that can’t improve their ability to get things done. That’s our topic for today.

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#1031 Stop Doing Things You Don’t Want to Do

Imagine how great life would be if you could just do things you enjoy. Maybe it’s time to stop doing things your don’t want to do. Today we discuss how.

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#1030 Motivation Drives Success

You might think that the biggest driver of career success is intelligence. Countless studies suggest that motivation drives success. If you can find ways keep yourself and those around you motivated, you will achieve greater success both for yourself and for your organization. Today we discuss how to do this.

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