Joel Brookman Can Help You to Clearly Identify Your Goals and Provide the Tools to Help Move You Toward Your Vision of Success

Joel Brookman

About Joel Brookman,
Personal Development Expert

In his 19 years with Wall Street firms, Joel Brookman generated billions of dollars in assets for the financial world’s top institutions. Along the way, he developed a deep interest in determining what actions and characteristics helped highly successful people achieve greatness and attain their goals. Finding out what exactly drove people to become successful became his passion.

One characteristic Joel quickly discovered is that before virtually every one of these people was ever successful, they inherently knew and had no doubt that it would happen. These self-actualized people approached situations with their desired outcome in mind. The key, he began to discover, was to start from the end and work backwards. In other words, to approach any task with the desired outcome in mind.

This led to a role in developing programs to help top financial professionals across the country maximize their potential. Joel developed stress management tools which allowed him to become even more productive in business, while also flourishing in his marriage and personal life. He is absolutely convinced that through discipline and subtle redirection of one’s thoughts, anyone can absolutely, positively create the life they want to live.

As the author of Adjust Your Sails, Joel provides a concise, impactful primer that anyone can read and learn from. His goal has been to provide a balanced approach that speaks to “regular” people who may not be familiar with these life-changing concepts, such as self-actualization theory, as well as to depict a straightforward and actionable path to success for those who have been exposed to this information but have yet to incorporate it into their life.

Joel is a Certified Financial Coach™, a member of the International Coach Federation, a personal development expert and author.He is also an angel investor, and has provided capital for numerous business start-ups.

Joel, his wife and two daughters divide their time between Palm Beach, Florida and Vail Valley, Colorado.

To find out how Joel Brookman can help you join other self-actualized people, get your copy of Adjust Your Sails today!