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#1076 Three Components for Living a Fulfilled Life

If you truly want greater happiness, this weeks discussion focuses on three components for living a fulfilled life.

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#1075 Spend Your Money on Things That Can Provide Great Experiences in Life

There are countless studies that suggest that humans derive far more happiness from experiences than we do from things. What if you choose to spend your money on things that can provide great experiences in Life?

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#1074 If You Want to Achieve Goals Focus on Consistency Over Intensity

We all have things we want to accomplish in life. It could be weight loss, a promotion or a championship in your chosen sport. You can obsess about the goal and pour all of your energy into achieving it as quickly as possible, or you can make some subtle changes to your daily routine to better align your activities to your goal.  if you want to achieve goals focus on consistency over intensity.

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#1073 This Simple Technique Can Help You Alleviate Stress in Your Life

If you want to alleviate stress in your life you can treat the symptoms or you can focus on the root cause.

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#1072 You Can’t Take Back Words So Think Before You Respond

In our relationships and in our interactions over social media people often get us so angry that we want to respond to provoke the same reactions from them that they have brought out in us. Always remember that you can’t take back words so think before you respond. Even the simple act of waiting an hour or a day before reacting can mean a very different response. That simple delay can help you react from logic rather than emotion.…

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#1071 The Pragmatic Approach to Dealing with Covid 19

Economies are beginning to reopen in many parts of the world, but the threat of Corona transmission is still high. How do we decide which activities to resume?  Today we discuss the pragmatic approach to dealing with Covid 19.

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