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#1012 Stop Resisting and Start Going with the Flow of Life

If you’re on a sailboat fighting against the wind and the current, it will make for a very difficult journey. It’s a perfect analogy for life. Stop resisting and start going with the flow of life.

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#272 Become Adaptable

90SecondNavigator-AlbumArt If you want to live a more fulfilling life, stop resisting what is and become adaptable.…

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Enjoy the Mystery of Life

My wife is an amazing woman. As the consummate planner, she keeps everyone around her on task, but when things don’t follow her plan, it drives her crazy. I am the opposite. In my professional life, I know I have to plan ahead to get where I want to go. In my personal life, I prefer to ride the wave and enjoy the mystery of life.

It’s not about living life by the seat of your pants. It’s more about not getting attached to the specifics.

When you put your plan in place, be open to the outcome you planned for or something better.…

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#85 Play the Ball Where It Lies

Stop wishing things were different and accept what is. Play the ball where it lies.…

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When you see a hawk in the sky, is he struggling to go against the wind or is he effortlessly harnessing it to get where he wants to go? Do you ever find yourself struggling against the direction your life is moving?

The real question is, how can we stop struggling against the things we don’t want in our life? In a word, Surrender. Surrender to what is. In past blogs and in Adjust Your Sails, I spend a great deal of time discussing tools and methodology to direct your life. The challenge is that before you can direct it, you need to first stop fighting and accept what is.…

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