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#1173 Breaking 5 Ribs Can Really Put Life Into Perspective

We take good health for granted until life throws us a curve ball and takes it away. Today discussion touches on how breaking 5 ribs can really put life into perspective.

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#1090 There is a Solution to Maintaining Your Happiness During These Difficult Times, Change Your Perspective

This global pandemic has tested the will of all of us. When you’re feeling your worst, look at people who are facing bigger challenges than you. This will help create the perspective you need to appreciate what you have.













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#1033 The Key to Solving Your Problems is to Help Others with Theirs

We often allow ourselves to become consumed by challenges. The key to solving your problems is to help others with theirs. As you focus on issues larger than you own, you divert your attention elsewhere. This provides needed perspective. You also get the benefit goodwill received from those you help.

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#867 Using Perspective as a Tool to Manage Stress

Stress is often a result of losing perspective and allowing your mind to go in a direction of fear. Once you realize this, you can begin using perspective as a tool to manage stress. Today we discuss ways to adjust your perspective to reduce the stress you experience.

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#748 The Helplessness Created by a Natural Disaster









Irma brings home the the helplessness created by a natural disaster.…

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Diffuse the Anger

If you subscribe to my blog or The 90 Second Navigator Podcast, you know that I never discuss politics because it’s just too polarizing. As a voter I would classify myself as fiscally conservative and socially moderate. I believe that people should have the ability to make their own decisions provided those decisions don’t negatively impact others. I think your spirituality, sexual preference, and cultural influences are your business. I honor your choices provided you don’t impose your will on others. I believe in empathy for my fellow humans: more empathy makes the world a better place. The challenge with my ideals is they don’t fit squarely into either political party here in the U.S.…

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