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#1007 How to Be a Great Boss

A critical driver of satisfaction in the workplace is the employee-management dynamic. Given the tightness of the labor market, it has become very difficult to replace good people. It’s important to take care of the people you manage.  Today we discuss how to be a great boss.

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#649 Training New People

When you consider the long term cost of an employee and their potential productivity, why would you not spend resources on training new people?…

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#648 How to Ensure that You’re Hiring the Right Person

Bringing the wrong person into your organization can have a catastrophic affect on your customers, your employees and your business. Today we discuss ways to ensure that you avoid making that mistake.…

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5 Ways to Ensure Employees are Working in the Best Interest of the Organization

Recently I brought my family to a nice restaurant where we frequently dine. The food was wonderful as always, but the service on this particular night was atrocious. The waiter was condescending, he was nasty to my children, and he succeeded in putting a damper on what should have been a wonderful evening. On my way out I shared my experience with the manager. He confided in me that they had lost four servers over the past month and out of desperation, had made some bad decisions in bringing their replacements on board. It got me thinking about how critical it is to have the “right” people in a business.…

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#612 Talent vs. Skill in the Workplace

When looking at talent vs. skill in the workplace, keep in mind that the vast majority of jobs can be learned over time. While talent is nice to have initially, skill is more important over the long term. The best possible scenario is having both.…

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#246 Get Help Organizing

90SecondNavigator-AlbumArt If you’re not an anal retentive person and find yourself being less than efficient, get help organizing the various aspects of your life.…

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