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#1084 The Power of a Mentor

As we are all suffering from the challenges brought by this global pandemic, it’s important to find something to focus on that can draw your attention away from all the negativity. A tremendous benefit to helping others is that our focus moves away from ourselves. As we help to enrich the lives of others, we enhance our own lives in the process. Today’s discussion focuses on the benefits of both the mentor and the mentee.

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#1080 Success Requires You to Continuously Find Ways to be Useful to Others










Being useful is not exciting or sexy but it is necessary to thrive in business, in relationships, and as a parent. As changes occur we must adjust ourselves to ensure that we remain useful to our customers, our businesses and the people around us. This pandemic has changed many of the dynamics of daily life. This may be a good opportunity to fine tune your approach to being in service to those around you.…

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#1078 Moving From Passion to Success the Right Way

So often people give up their financial stability in pursuit of their passion only to realize that they didn’t anticipate many of the challenges along the way. In the end the consequences can be significant. Today we discuss thoughts on moving from passion to success the right way.

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#1074 If You Want to Achieve Goals Focus on Consistency Over Intensity

We all have things we want to accomplish in life. It could be weight loss, a promotion or a championship in your chosen sport. You can obsess about the goal and pour all of your energy into achieving it as quickly as possible, or you can make some subtle changes to your daily routine to better align your activities to your goal.  if you want to achieve goals focus on consistency over intensity.

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#1058 The Art of Winning People Over

If you want to get places in life, you will need the help of other people along your journey. Today’s discussion is about creating advocates for yourself, more specifically, the art of winning people over. 

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#1030 Motivation Drives Success

You might think that the biggest driver of career success is intelligence. Countless studies suggest that motivation drives success. If you can find ways keep yourself and those around you motivated, you will achieve greater success both for yourself and for your organization. Today we discuss how to do this.

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