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#1120 Adhering to the No A**hole Rule

Most of us spend more of our waking hours working than doing anything else in our lives. There’s nothing worse than having to work with toxic people. The solution can found by simply adhering to the no a**hole rule. Don’t hire, go to work for, or start a partnership with ┬ásomeone you think could be an a**hole. It’s easier to deal with up front by not hiring or doing business with them but there are some ways to deal with it after the fact.…

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#1112 Want to Win People Over? Become a Good Storyteller, Here’s How…

Storytelling is a powerful tool to engage people. A great storyteller can capture our attention and take us on a journey. Storytelling can be the ultimate tool for influencing others. The best part is that with a little direction anyone can become a good storyteller. Today we discuss how.

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#1109 The Untimely Death of a Friend

I lost a friend last week. He was a wonderful guy with an amazing family. His life paralleled mine in many ways. It was a horrible reminder that ┬ánone of us knows when our last day will come. It’s so important to appreciate your life and to ensure that you make the necessary preparations to alleviate burdens on those you leave behind.

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#1094 It’s Time to Put Our Differences Aside and Move Forward

The United States is more divided than any other time in my lifetime. This has been the most contentious election process imaginable. It has divided families, ended lifelong friendships, and created a rift in the country. Now that the country has voted and selected a new president, it’s time to put our differences aside and move forward. Maintaining a democratic republic requires delicate balance. It comes down to people accepting an outcome even if it’s not of their choosing and respecting a transition of power.…

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#1041 This One Activity Will Improve Your Work Experience, Lower Your Stress and Increase Your Productivity

Today’s idea may sound simple but this one activity will improve your work experience, lower your stress and increase your productivity if you do it.

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#1020 Identify the People That Would Be There for You and Nurture Those Relationships

When difficult times happen in life, you realize how important certain people are to you. Take the time to identify the people that would be there for you and nurture those relationships.

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