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#979 You Have the Ability to Direct Your Mind

The choice is not whether you have the ability to direct your mind, it’s whether you choose to use this ability. Today we discuss ways of reigning in your mind so that you stay focused on the thoughts that move you forward.

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#976 Managing Risk in Your Life

It’s important to look at the probabilities of negative outcomes.┬áToday we discuss unique ways of managing risk in your life.

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#970 Reducing the Stress You Feel as You Return From Vacation

Vacations are great but returning to work afterwards can be a challenge. Today we discuss way of reducing the stress you feel as you return from vacation.

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#955 If You Are Serious About Reaching Your Goals Learn to Focus Your Energy

If you take a magnifying glass and align it perfectly with the sun, you can start a fire. If you focus your mental energy on a specific goal you can attain it. If you are serious about reaching your goals learn to focus your energy.

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#950 If You Want to Be a Great Employee Do These Things

If you are a hiring manager or business owner you should be in tune with characteristics that drive success in the workplace. Today’s episode, “If you want to be a great employee do these things” should be very insightful for you as an owner, manager, or employee.

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#940 Living a Life With No Regrets

Today we discuss the findings of a nurse who cared for people at the end of their lives. She asked all of her patients to discuss their biggest regrets. Some of her findings may surprise you. The message for today focuses on living a life with no regrets.

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