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#908 Go Beyond What Anyone Expects

If you want to create  life-long customers, go beyond what anyone expects. Today we discuss some examples of how to do this.

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#194 Choose Your Niche Carefully

90SecondNavigator-AlbumArt As you are deciding on the market for your business it is important to choose your niche carefully. Your success depends on it.…

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Fostering Relationships

In New York City it’s difficult to walk more than a block without a Starbuck’s encounter. There is one Starbuck’s that has become a destination. Many devout coffee drinkers will pass several just to get to this one. It happens to be on Park Avenue in the first floor headquarters of JP Morgan Chase. The reason people come has nothing to do with the coffee, but everything to do with a barista known as Happy Ivy. Ivy has a wonderful, bubbly personality and always has a warm smile. She is amazing at fostering relationships.

While her personality has certainly helped her create a following, it is her dedication to making her customers feel special that creates her success: Ivy comes in every morning two hours prior to the store’s opening.…

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#186 Building Relationships

The two most important attributes for getting ahead in business is your level of competence and the relationships you have with others. Building relationships is critical to success.…

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Last wJoel Brookmaneek was about maximizing your most precious resource, your time. This week I want to focus on how to accomplish more with the time you have. I am convinced that if you take any, or all of the following suggestions, you will positively impact your productivity.

  1. Be accountable—If you want maintain the discipline to move toward your goals, it is helpful if you are accountable to someone. At work it can your boss, your assistant, or a mentor. I have worked with coaches for the last 20 years and that has done amazing things for keeping me on my path.

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Celebrate Your Success

Celebrate small success
I was talking to my good friend, Marty, the other day. He is a successful business owner. We always seem to discuss the things we are working on and we keep each other motivated. I shared my blog topic with him and he began to tell me how ironic it was as he was just beating himself up over all the things he has yet to accomplish. Then he took a step back and began to recognize the things he has accomplished. The point: stop obsessing about what you have yet to do, and take time to celebrate your success.

Many of the goals we have are long term in nature.…

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