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#944 Can You Be an Entrepreneur and a Corporate Executive at the Same Time?

When most people decide to start a new business they typically relinquish the security of their day job to jump into their own endeavor. The question is, can you be an entrepreneur and a corporate executive at the same time? If you are currently employed and considering starting your own endeavor, maybe it makes sense to start it while you’re still receiving a steady paycheck. You’ll have a chance to ensure that you have proof of concept without having to live in your parents basement.…

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#731 Create the Business You Want Without Sacrificing Financial Security

We’ve all heard stories of the people that risk everything to follow their passions on a business venture. What if you could create the business you want without sacrificing financial security?…

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Create Multiple Engines to Drive Income

I have a friend with a boat that is an avid fisherman. Every couple of weeks he takes a trip from Palm Beach to the Bahamas. It’s about 90 miles each way. The weather was perfect last week and he wasn’t going. When I asked why, he told me that one of his three engines wasn’t working and he didn’t want to take any chances. That dialogue got me thinking. Most of us have one source of income. It is either a job or a business. What if that engine stops working? Do you have a backup? Think about how much better off you would be if you could create multiple engines to drive income for you.…

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Uncover the Passion

Years ago when I was in a sales role, I was having difficulty getting to a very large prospect. He had an assistant who was his gatekeeper. She was very controlling, ornery, and had that mother hen type personality. I decided that the only way I was going to get anywhere was to win her over. That became my mission. I knew I would have to find something she was passionate about in order to make the connection. I began by looking around the cubicle she worked in to observe pictures or items on display. If someone uses the limited office space they have to display something unrelated to work, there is a very high probability that it represents something for which they have a passion.…

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