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#1058 The Art of Winning People Over

If you want to get places in life, you will need the help of other people along your journey. Today’s discussion is about creating advocates for yourself, more specifically, the art of winning people over. 

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#1057 This One Minute Daily Ritual Will Dramatically Increase Your Happiness

If you want to become happier in your daily life, tune into things that you appreciate. Today we discuss a simple routine for making that happen.

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#1056 Tips on Becoming a Better Communicator

Stop worrying about building your credibility and focus on ensuring that everyone you’re speaking to has a clear understanding of the message you’re trying to deliver. Today we discuss tips on becoming a better communicator.



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#1055 Stop Worrying About the Perception of Others and Focus on What You Can Control

Think about the energy that goes into ensuring that you look good in the eyes of others. We have very little control over other people but we have tremendous control over our own actions. If you can stop worrying about the perception of others and focus on what you can control, you’re putting your attention on your own output. If you generate the best output you’re capable of, the perception will take care of itself.

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#1054 You Can’t Take Back Words. Think Before You Respond.

In the heat of an argument we often say things that have long term consequences. Once the person in question hears you and takes offense, you may be able to apologize, but you can’t take back words. Think before you respond. Have the discipline to control your emotions and keep your ego in check. In the end you don’t always have to be right. Even if you know that you’re right, it’s often not worth the confrontation.

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#1053 Saying Goodbye to Your Heroes

Neil Peart, drummer from Rush and maybe the best rock drummer of all time, recently passed away at the age of 67. As we get older and our childhood heroes begin to pass on, we begin to realize how precious life really is. Hopefully we can take the opportunity to savor the interactions we have with those still with us. Today’s discussion looks to put some perspective around this issue.





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