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#1109 The Untimely Death of a Friend

I lost a friend last week. He was a wonderful guy with an amazing family. His life paralleled mine in many ways. It was a horrible reminder that ┬ánone of us knows when our last day will come. It’s so important to appreciate your life and to ensure that you make the necessary preparations to alleviate burdens on those you leave behind.

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#1108 Five Simple Hacks Guaranteed to Increase Your Productivity

If you envision your most productive workday, it’s probably the day before you leave for vacation. Today we break down those pre-vacation activities (that you may not even be aware you are doing) into five simple hacks guaranteed to increase your productivity.

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#1107 Staying Motivated Though the Final Months of COVID Lockdown

Today’s discussion focuses on staying motivated through the final months of COVID lockdown. We all need something to look forward to and now that life beyond lockdown is in our sights, it’s time to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead.

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#1106 Focus Your Mindset and Attention on What You’d Like to See in Life

What you focus on shows up so focus your mindset and attention on what you’d like see in life. Today’s discussion is about getting into right mental place to drive greater fulfillment.

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#1105 Two Simple Ways to Protect Your Reputation

We can spend decades building our reputation and in seconds it can be destroyed. Most of us don’t think about the consequences until it’s too late. ┬áToday we discuss two simple way to protect your reputation.

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#1104 Use Your Money to Drive Greater Happiness

When you reach a point where you have the income to cover your bills, more money no longer equates to more happiness. Today we look at ways to create more quality time by understanding that you can actually use your money to drive greater happiness.

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