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#1152 A Simple Solution to Managing Stress

A simple solution to managing stress is to prevent the stressor from gaining traction in your mind. Today’s discussion gives you the tools to break this cycle and create a more relaxed mindset.

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#1151 Decrease Your Expenses by Eliminating Subscriptions You Don’t Need

If you want to increase your wealth, begin by reducing your monthly nut? The simplest place to start is with those never-ending monthly subscriptions. What services are you no longer using? Which ones can you live without? Now is a good time to take inventory on those subscriptions. Use the funds from those cancelled subscriptions to fund your savings or investment accounts.

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#1150 Build Your Defenses to Manage Adversity in Life

Just when you think you have this thing called life figured out, you get hit by curve ball. The questions is how resilient are you? Do you have tools to deal with the challenges that come your way? This week’s discussion is about finding ways to build your defenses to manage adversity in life. It begins with not allowing any situation, no matter how difficult, to be all consuming. It ends with tuning into simple gratitude for the good things that show up in your life (and there are always good things).…

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#1149 Decide Who You Want to Be and Rewrite Your Personal Narrative to Reflect It

Each of us is a reflection of our own personal self-talk. If you tell yourself that you’re not good at an activity or you that you lack certain skills because of something that happened to you earlier in life, your subconscious mind takes it as truth. We all have the ability to feed what we want to our subconscious mind. If you do it long enough you will succeed in overwriting the negative programming and replacing it with self-talk the reinforces who you would like to be.…

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#1148 Let Go of Your Stuff and Watch What Shows Up in Your Life

In western society we seem to get overly attached to our stuff. The most abundant people I know are those who are not attached to stuff. They’re the people that pick up the tab at dinner, freely relinquish their belongings, and give with no hesitation. What happens when we free ourselves of our stuff? Let go of your stuff and watch what shows up in your life.

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#1147 If You Want to Experience Greater Success and Happiness Say No More Often

We only have a finite amount of time. Why not fill that time with that which brings you joy? In order to do this we must create the bandwidth necessary to do those joyous activities. We can do that by saying no to tasks and responsibilities that we don’t enjoy. In the end if you want to experience greater success and happiness say no more often. This week’s discussion will give you ideas on how to do this in your life.…

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