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#1182 Following Your Passion May Not Be Enough to Create Success in Business

Making difficult endeavors sound easy in order to gain interest is a disservice to people. We see it in weight loss advertisements, “lose weight effortlessly.” If you’ve ever tried to lose weight it’s not effortless. It’s also not effortless to become successful in business. Simply identifying a passion and starting a business or career in that area is not enough. We have to think about how revenue will be generated and test the marketplace to be sure we have something viable.…

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#1181 Three Ways to Ensure the Success of New Employees

Bringing the wrong person into an organization can destroy morale and cripple a business. Hiring and training new people is a critical management role that requires thought, time and energy. Today’s discussion provides a blueprint for ensuring that you hire the right person and take the steps to ensure their success once they begin working.

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#1180 If You Are Working Remotely or Considering It You Need to Hear This

There are tremendous advantages to a remote work arrangement but have you considered the risks?  There may be opportunity costs that you are not thinking about. If you are working remotely or considering it you need to hear this.

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#1179 Four Ways to Become Less Busy While Improving the Quality of Your Work and Life

Everyone I know is busy. It’s as if being busy has become a badge of honor. The question we should be asking is, what are we busy doing? If we could become less busy through the act prioritizing tasks and letting some go, that would benefit our quality of life and allow us to put more focus on our most important tasks. Today we discuss exactly how to do it.

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#1178 The Flexibility to Change Your Opinion is a Wonderful Attribute in Politics, in Business and in Life

Most people I know have become more rigid in their opinions. We often see our viewpoints as the foundation of who we are as people. Once we inform others of our viewpoints, changing them can be viewed as a weakness. Having the flexibility to change your opinion is a wonderful attribute in politics, in business and in life. If we opened ourselves to new ideas and new developments and relinquished our need be right, we would progress much faster as a society.…

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#1177 Are You Spending Time with the Right People?

We all have a finite amount of time to spend with people outside of work. Those interactions can go a long way toward determining our overall happiness and success in life. The question is, are you spending time with the right people? Today’s show will pose some questions that will help you determine if the people you’re spending time with are adding or subtracting from your life experience.

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