Personal Development Expert and Author Joel Brookman Helps Professionals Achieve Success and Fulfillment

Joel Brookman

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Since transforming his own life, personal development expert and author Joel Brookman helps professionals achieve their goals and live a fulfilling life. Joel draws on his own experience as an out-of-business, stressed out entrepreneur to a Fortune 500 executive with an amazing personal life.

Not only did Joel discover the power of self actualization, but his goal became to provide a balanced approach that speaks to “regular” people who may not be familiar with these life-changing concepts, as well as to depict a straightforward and actionable path to success for those who have been exposed to this information but have yet to incorporate it into their life.

Story Angles and Topics

Joel is available to contribute unique insights, sound bites and featured content to media professionals working on various personal development, self actualization, success, fulfillment and life balance topics, articles and interviews.

All content provided is customized for your specific needs and target outcomes. Possible story angles include:

  • Defining the life you desire—happiness, freedom, financial success
  • The powerful combination of action and discipline
  • The keys to setting personal, work and financial goals in alignment with your desires
  • Action steps that incrementally move you to achieve your goals
  • Knowledge-based ritualized activities to capture and fulfill your desires
  • Achieving wealth while still living a balanced life
  • Living a fulfilling life, finding your life purpose

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Joel Brookman
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