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#1161 What the Death of Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters Drummer) Should Teach Us

This was a sad weekend for Rock and Roll. At only 50 years old Taylor Hawkins leaves behind a wife, three children and an amazing music legacy. We never know when that last day will come. Today’s discussion focuses on the responsibilities we have to our loved ones and to ourselves in life and in death.

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#703 Stop Blaming Other People for Your Problems

Accept responsibility for everything that happens to you. If you stop blaming other people for your problems you take control of your own destiny.


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#664 Get Your Affairs in Order

None of us will be here forever, nor do we know when our last day will come. Don’t assume you will have an opportunity to get your affairs in order. Do it now.…

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#663 Preparing for the Inevitable

No one likes to think about dying but the reality is that it will happen to all of us. The challenge is that we don’t know when. If you have loved ones, it’s important to put some arrangements in place in case it happens unexpectedly.…

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Ground Rules


As the parent of a 14-year old girl, I feel that any day now I will be having “that talk” with a boy who will ultimately date her. I think back to my childhood as a boy that was not always as respectful as he could have been to girls. If the parents of the girls I dated had “that talk” with me I might have behaved differently. In life we often find ourselves in a position of authority, where we have the upper hand. There is a fine line from being respected, being feared, and being an asshole. The goal is the former, but sometimes, especially when it comes to teen-aged boys, instilling a little fear by setting some ground rules can be effective.…

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#525 Excuses

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Excuses are a sign of weakness. Accept responsibility.…

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