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#1120 Adhering to the No A**hole Rule

Most of us spend more of our waking hours working than doing anything else in our lives. There’s nothing worse than having to work with toxic people. The solution can found by simply adhering to the no a**hole rule. Don’t hire, go to work for, or start a partnership with ┬ásomeone you think could be an a**hole. It’s easier to deal with up front by not hiring or doing business with them but there are some ways to deal with it after the fact.…

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#1106 Focus Your Mindset and Attention on What You’d Like to See in Life

What you focus on shows up so focus your mindset and attention on what you’d like see in life. Today’s discussion is about getting into right mental place to drive greater fulfillment.

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#1038 Surround Yourself with People Having These 4 Attributes

Choosing the right people to spend your life with will have a huge impact on your overall happiness. Whether it’s your significant other, coworkers or friends, be sure you make wise choices. Today we look at the importance of certain attributes, narrow it to 4, and suggest that you look for them in anyone you choose to bring into your life.

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#887 It’s Ok to Walk Away from Negative People

Why do we put up with people that bring us down or create misery in our lives? Today we discuss that fact that it’s ok to walk away from negative people. At the very least we should find ways to mitigate our exposure to them.

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#868 Stop Complaining

Every time you complain you are reliving a negative situation. You are also lowering the energy of those that are listening to your complaints. The solution, stop complaining. Catch yourself before that complaint comes out of your mouth and redirect yourself to something more positive.

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#821 Let Go of People that Bring You Down

Life is short. Spend your time with people that you enjoy. Let go of people that bring you down.

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