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#1088 These 2 Simple Tips Will Help Your Reach Your Goals

If you’re serious about reaching a goal that’s been eluding you, perhaps it’s time to modify your approach. Start by removing the temptations that are preventing you from moving toward your goal, then lower the barriers that are stopping you from taking the action that’s necessary to reach it.  These 2 simple tips will help you reach your goals. This week’s discussion focuses on techniques to make these modifications in daily life.












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#1074 If You Want to Achieve Goals Focus on Consistency Over Intensity

We all have things we want to accomplish in life. It could be weight loss, a promotion or a championship in your chosen sport. You can obsess about the goal and pour all of your energy into achieving it as quickly as possible, or you can make some subtle changes to your daily routine to better align your activities to your goal.  if you want to achieve goals focus on consistency over intensity.

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#1068 If You Want to Reach Your Long Term Goals Value Consistency over Intensity

Many of us have been taught to work as hard as we can on anything that we take on. Whether it’s work, sports, exercise or diet, the harder you work you quicker you achieve what you set out to do. The problem with this mentality is that it’s often not sustainable. If you set out to lose 20 pounds in a month, it would be very challenging. If you are disciplined,  you could probably succeed. If instead you decided to change your lifestyle to eat healthier foods in more frequent but smaller meals, it would take a longer time to lose the weight, but because you’re not starving yourself  (which equates to working as hard as you possibly can on your diet) it has a greater probability of being sustainable.…

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#1050 Seven Ways to Ensure that Your New Year’s Resolutions are Successful

40 percent of us make New Year’s resolutions and the vast majority of them don’t make it beyond the end of February. If you’re serious about following through, today’s discussion focuses on seven ways to ensure that your New Year’s resolutions are successful.

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#1003 Time Energy and Dedication are Key Components to Achieving What You Want

If you are serious about reaching certain goals in life you may have to make some difficult choices. None of us has the unlimited time or unlimited energy. Focus on  goals that  you believe are realistic given the your level of dedication,  your available time and energy.

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#1000 How to Be Happier

When you think about your life’s aspirations, do they involve money or material things? If you look at the attributes of happiness you’ll find that it’s much more about the ride than it is about the destination. If you make a decision to get in shape, you probably wouldn’t consult the friend that’s 75 pounds overweight, you’d talk to the person with 2% body fat that’s already in great shape. As you consider how to be happier, why not ask the happiest people on the planet what they do.…

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