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#999 Build Your Plan Create Your Process Then Let Go

The idea of controlling every aspect of your life is not realistic. You can prepare for contingencies, you can create a plan and you execute on the plan but in the end, the universe will have the final say when it comes to the outcome. So what’s the answer? Build your plan create your process then let go.

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#732 Stop Worrying and Start Living

If you want to live life with no regrets, follow your passions, focus on the things that you can control, stop worrying and start living.…

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Sarah GraduationAs creatures of habit people often have a difficult time moving from one part of life to another. We resist the inevitable by fighting against transitions. Why, because transitions take us out of our comfort zone.

The first step in dealing with transitions is acceptance. I have a friend who worked in tech support for a Fortune 500 company. The company decided to try outsourcing some of their support functions to India. Little by little people around him were being let go. He refused to believe that it would happen to him. He just continued to justify his position in his mind, and came up with reasons why they wouldn’t outsource the entire department.…

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Let Go

family ski
I am at my Colorado home where we are beginning our eighth ski season since buying the house. My two girls (ages 13 and 10) have become amazing skiers. My eldest knows the mountain very well, and she has asked to ski alone on past trips. The answer was always “No.” Yesterday, after hours of skiing, the girls want to keep going without my wife and me… just the two of them…alone…no parents. Despite some trepidation, we decide to say yes. It’s time for us to loosen the reigns. They are capable and I have to begin to trust that they will make good decisions.…

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#272 Become Adaptable

90SecondNavigator-AlbumArt If you want to live a more fulfilling life, stop resisting what is and become adaptable.…

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Make the Best of Every Situation

Joel Brookman

I have found that the difference between happy people and miserable people has little to do with what they have, or even how they were raised. It has much more to do with how they react and deal with events that happen around them. Happy people have the ability to make the best of every situation. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Remove judgment—I remember hearing a story of a man with three young children on a train. The children were running around screaming and bothering other passengers. The father was doing nothing. After 10 minutes of the children’s antics, a passenger began to lecture the father on his lack of discipline.

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