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#824 Put an End to Self-induced Suffering

So much of the suffering we experience in life is brought on ourselves. Today we discuss some ways to put an end to self-induced suffering.

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Let Go

family ski
I am at my Colorado home where we are beginning our eighth ski season since buying the house. My two girls (ages 13 and 10) have become amazing skiers. My eldest knows the mountain very well, and she has asked to ski alone on past trips. The answer was always “No.” Yesterday, after hours of skiing, the girls want to keep going without my wife and me… just the two of them…alone…no parents. Despite some trepidation, we decide to say yes. It’s time for us to loosen the reigns. They are capable and I have to begin to trust that they will make good decisions.…

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#210 Focus On What You Can Control

90SecondNavigator-AlbumArt There’s no point in getting caught up in things out of your influence. Focus on what you can control.…

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worry“What” and “if” are two simple words. But when you put them together, the amount of stress, frustration, worry, and unnecessary anxiety is overwhelming. We spend countless hours worrying about “what if’s” in our lives: Worst case scenarios, the perfect outcome and every possible consequence in-between. So, how much of this mental training pays off? Almost none of it.

Spending your energy worrying about the negatives, worst-case scenarios, and potential failures solves nothing. The only value (arguably) accomplished is short-lived preparation for a myriad of outcomes. While you may think that all that planning for disaster helps you, in the end the feeling of helplessness just causes stress.…

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