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#1087 This Simple Exercise Will Lower Your Expenses

If you’re anything like me, you focus your attention on the money that’s coming in, always looking for ways to increase that number. The one thing to remember is that it’s not just about what you make it’s about what you keep. It’s important to look at the expense side of things periodically to identify and eliminate that which you don’t need. The basis for today’s discussion is how this simple exercise will lower your expenses and put you in a better position for the future.…

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#1042 4 Ways to Rein in Your Spending with Minimal Impact on Your Daily Life

If your monthly expenses exceed your income you are destined for hard times at some point in the future. Today we look at 4 ways to rein in your spending with minimal impact on your daily life. If you can create a nest egg you will have greater freedom and less stress in your life.

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#890 Find Ways to Scale What You Do

Stop trading your hours for dollars and find ways to scale what you do.

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#870 Money is a Good Servant but a Bad Master

It is said that money is a good servant but a bad master. If you live beyond your means money becomes a bad master. It creates stress in your life and creates conflicts with those closest to you. If you get control of your finances money becomes a good servant.

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#788 Your Monthly Nut


It’s important to take a look at your monthly nut. Get clear on what it takes to pay for your life on a monthly basis. Today we discuss things you can do to control it.…

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Control Your Spending

When was the last time you took a close look at your personal balance sheet? Do you have a very clear idea how much of your money is coming in each month and just as importantly, how much is going out? What is your monthly nut? How much does it cost you to run your life, all in, per month? How much is coming in each month? Mission one: if you earn a living wage and you consistently have more going out than coming in, it is time control your spending. Start with your bills and look for the least painful ways to shave some monthly expenses.…

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