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#1097 The Art of Doing What You Want to Do in Life

The ultimate luxury in life is having the freedom to do what you want in every moment. Today we discuss ways to perfect the art of doing what you want to do in life.

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#1096 If You Want to Reduce Drama and Stress in Your Life Practice Observing Your Thoughts Without Judgement

Don’t allow the circumstances of your life to dictate who you are. You have the power to decide who you want to be. It starts by understanding that you are not your thoughts, you are the observer of those thoughts. Once you observe them ¬†choose to let go of the thoughts that don’t serve you.

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#1095 Simple Steps to Create an Amazing Life

No one knows when they’re last day will be so it’s important to take every opportunity to create incredible experiences. Today we outline simple steps to create an amazing life.

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#1094 It’s Time to Put Our Differences Aside and Move Forward

The United States is more divided than any other time in my lifetime. This has been the most contentious election process imaginable. It has divided families, ended lifelong friendships, and created a rift in the country. Now that the country has voted and selected a new president, it’s time to put our differences aside and move forward. Maintaining a democratic republic requires delicate balance. It comes down to people accepting an outcome even if it’s not of their choosing and respecting a transition of power.…

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#1093 Break Up the Monotony of COVID by Planning Your Next Life Experience Now

When you’re having a difficult time, it’s important to have something to look forward to. Since we’re all living through a pandemic, what if you could break up the monotony of COVID by planning your next experience now?




















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#1092 This Simple Daily Adjustment Will Reduce the Anger and Conflict You’re Experiencing

If you want to reduce anger and conflict, look at what’s fueling that anger and limit your exposure to it.

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