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#1019 Don’t Allow Other People to Take Away Your Happiness

If you find yourself in a toxic relationship, if there are people that constantly bring you down, it’s time to do something about it. Don’t allow other people to take away your happiness.

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#1018 Mental Strength is a Key Driver of Success

When you look at people who excel across many aspects of life, odds are that mental strength is a key driver of success for them.  Today we look at personal characteristics that represent the building blocks of mental strength.

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#1017 Make Your Message Land

Being a great communicator can do amazing things for your career. It begins with creating the structure for your presentation. Today we discuss how to build that structure, grab the attention of your listeners, and make your message land.

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#1016 You Can Use Money to Improve the Quality of Your Time

At some point in life you realize that your most precious resource is time. We never now how much of it we have and we can’t create more. As you make this connection understand that you can use money to improve the quality of your time.

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#1015 Celebrate the Milestones in Life

Life moves so fast. We go to work, we take care of family, we deal with responsibilities at home, and the older you get, the more each year just flies by. It’s important to savor the moments along the way. The best way is to celebrate the milestones in life. Today we discuss ideas to ensure that you do it.

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#1014 Your Happiness is Determined by How You Process Thoughts in Your Head

Why is it that certain people can have everything and be miserable while others can have nothing and be happy? So much of your happiness is determined by how you process thoughts in your head. Today we look at ways to get better at managing your thoughts.

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