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#1001 Life Lessons From Bill Murray

Bill Murray could be one of the most well-liked people on the planet. If you haven’t seen the documentary on him it’s worth an investment of an hour of your time. Today we discuss how his actions impact others and ¬†how we can all be inspired by life lessons from Bill Murray.

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#1000 How to Be Happier

When you think about your life’s aspirations, do they involve money or material things? If you look at the attributes of happiness you’ll find that it’s much more about the ride than it is about the destination. If you make a decision to get in shape, you probably wouldn’t consult the friend that’s 75 pounds overweight, you’d talk to the person with 2% body fat that’s already in great shape. As you consider how to be happier, why not ask the happiest people on the planet what they do.…

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#999 Build Your Plan Create Your Process Then Let Go

The idea of controlling every aspect of your life is not realistic. You can prepare for contingencies, you can create a plan and you execute on the plan but in the end, the universe will have the final say when it comes to the outcome. So what’s the answer? Build your plan create your process then let go.

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#998 Increase the Probability of Reaching Your Goals

If you pick each goal from a different area of your life, and limit your total number of goals to five, you will increase the probability of reaching your goals.

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#997 Fine Tune the Activities Associated with Reaching Your Goals

I have dedicated many episodes to the subject of creating processes in your life to help you achieve your desires. Today’s discussion focuses on ensuring that those processes are achieving the outcome efficiently. Take the opportunity to fine tune the activities associated with reaching your goals.

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#996 Maintaining a Positive Mindset When Life Becomes Challenging

No matter how great life is there are still challenges that arise. The question is how do you deal with them? The key is to find ways of maintaining a positive mindset when life becomes challenging. Today’s discussion focuses on how to overcome adversity.

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