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#1054 You Can’t Take Back Words. Think Before You Respond.

In the heat of an argument we often say things that have long term consequences. Once the person in question hears you and takes offense, you may be able to apologize, but you can’t take back words. Think before you respond. Have the discipline to control your emotions and keep your ego in check. In the end you don’t always have to be right. Even if you know that you’re right, it’s often not worth the confrontation.

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#1053 Saying Goodbye to Your Heroes

Neil Peart, drummer from Rush and maybe the best rock drummer of all time, recently passed away at the age of 67. As we get older and our childhood heroes begin to pass on, we begin to realize how precious life really is. Hopefully we can take the opportunity to savor the interactions we have with those still with us. Today’s discussion looks to put some perspective around this issue.





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#1052 Failure is an Option: Acknowledge Your Failures and Use them as Your Greatest Learning Tool

Life’s greatest lessons are realized through failures. Today we discuss ways to use past failures to drive future success.

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#1051 Creating Positive Experiences for Those Around You

Whether you are trying to engage with a new customer, meeting someone new socially, or introducing a child to a new activity, it’s important to make the experience a positive one. ┬áThis week’s discussion provides ideas on creating positive experiences for those around you.

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#1050 Seven Ways to Ensure that Your New Year’s Resolutions are Successful

40 percent of us make New Year’s resolutions and the vast majority of them don’t make it beyond the end of February. If you’re serious about following through, today’s discussion focuses on seven ways to ensure that your New Year’s resolutions are successful.

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#1049 Putting a Value on Living Where You Want to Live

If you are passionate about surfing and you are living in Ohio, how much income are you willing to sacrifice in order to live in a place that allows you to engage in your passion? This week we discuss the concept of putting a value on living where you want to live.

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