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#1129 The Benefits of Engaging with New People

As I was riding my bike this weekend I struck up a conversation with a fellow biker that lead to an amazing interaction that lasted for 2 hours. It turns out the gentleman I met was Frosty Wooldridge who has biked across the United States 14 times and has literally pedaled his bike all over the world. He’s written 8 books and is one of the most interesting people I’ve come across. I now have a new relationship with a terrific person simply because I chose to strike up a conversation with a man as we crossed paths.…

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#1128 These 3 Simple Hacks Will Eliminate 90% of Your Stress

The most effective way to manage stress is to take steps to prevent it from manifesting in the first place. Today we discuss how to do this by using 3 simple hacks.

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#1127 Likability is a Foundation for Success–These 3 Characteristics Will Make You Infinitely More Likable

Success typically requires help from others. If others like you there’s a much higher probability that they will contribute to your success. This week’s discussion centers on 3 characteristics that will drive your likability and ultimately contribute to your success.

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#1126 Eliminating Negative Relationships From Your Life

Are there people that you spend time with that make you feel bad about yourself? Do you leave the interaction feeling worse than you did when it began? Most of us have busy lives that are consumed by work and personal responsibilities. The time we have left over should be spent on things that enhance our lives. If you find yourself spending that time with people that don’t bring you enjoyment, it’s time to consider eliminating negative relationships from your life.…

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#1125 The Simplest Method for Ensuring that You Reach Your Goals

One of the reasons why people aren’t successful in attaining their goals is that they get sidetracked which puts their focus on things that may be urgent, but aren’t important in terms of achieving their goals. Today we will discuss the simplest method for ensuring that you reach your goals by ensuring that your actions are completely aligned with where you want to go.

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#1124 Schedule Time to Work on Your Business Not Just in Your Business

The most successful people in business or in life devote time to contemplate the big picture and think strategically about where they want to go. This week’s discussion is about how to ensure that you schedule time to work on your business not just in your business.

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