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#922 What Impact Are You Making on the World Around You

When I look at the impact John McCane made on his country and the the world, I can’t help but be inspired to become better than I am. It also begs the question we should all be asking: What impact are you making on the world around you.

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#665 Gifting While You are Alive

Most people wait until they pass before having their belongings gifted to their loved ones. Why not consider doing some of that gifting while you are alive?…

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#664 Get Your Affairs in Order

None of us will be here forever, nor do we know when our last day will come. Don’t assume you will have an opportunity to get your affairs in order. Do it now.…

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End of Life

This weekend I flew my family to Providence to say what may be our final good-bye to my hero, the man I love and respect most in the world, my father. At age 82, he has recently been diagnosed with the most severe form of Leukemia. His doctors are telling him that he has very little time left. What’s amazing is that he looks great and aside from a shortness of breath and getting tired more frequently, you wouldn’t know he is sick. It gave me a chance to listen to him and gain an understanding of his wishes: for our family, my mother, and his affairs.…

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#575 Treat People Well

You never know when you may be with someone for the last time. Treat them well.…

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#574 Who Would You Be In a Crisis

When you contemplate the question, who would you be in a crisis, you never really know. It’s important to see things from the perspective of another.…

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