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#1036 These 4 Simple Steps Will Dramatically Improve Your Productivity

Sometimes very simple modifications to your daily routines can have a significant impact. Focus and energy play a big role in your ability to get things done. If done daily,  taking these 4 simple steps will dramatically improve your productivity.

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#981 The Cure for Overwhelm is Action

Overwhelm often turns to stress. The cure for overwhelm is action. As you begin working on your project, the progress you make reduces the feeling of overwhelm and the stress falls away.

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#973 Your Busyness Could Be Negatively Impacting Your Productivity

Do you pride yourself on how busy you are? What if I told you that your busyness could be negatively impacting your productivity? Creating time in your day for strategic thinking can make a big difference not only in what you accomplish, but in how successful you become.

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#960 Become the Editor of Your Life

An editor of a movie cuts out the content that’s not entertaining for the viewer. If you take on the mindset to become the editor of your life you can cut out the content that doesn’t serve you. That means  eliminating things like non-productive tasks and cutting back your exposure to negativity. 

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#959 If You Want to Increase Your Productivity Try Sleeping More

I know many people that only sleep 5-6 hours a night. In corporate settings this can be seen as a badge of honor. The reality is that sleep deprivation negatively impacts performance both physically and mentally. If you want to increase your productivity try sleeping more.

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#958 Saying No Tactfully

We spend a lot of time discussing the importance of prioritization as it relates to overall productivity. If you don’t take the opportunity to prioritize, you allocate your time to the wrong tasks.  One key factor in prioritizing tasks is realizing those things that you cannot do effectively,  are not worth your time, or you simply lack the bandwidth to take on. This is where it becomes important to say no. The question is, how do you become good at saying no tactfully ?…

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