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#325 Applying Pareto to Strengths

90SecondNavigator-AlbumArt If you want to increase your productivity, spend 80% of your resources on the things you are good at by applying Pareto to strengths.…

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Apps to Increase Productivity

On the last blog, I discussed the Pareto Principle, suggesting that 20% of your time accounts for 80% of your productivity. Today, I want to talk about ways to get more productive utilizing technology that most of us already own: smartphones and tablets. We will focus on using apps to increase productivity.

For iPhone users, the Reminders App, which is already on your iPhone when you buy it, is the single greatest smartphone tool for getting things done. It’s a simple to-do list with the ability to remind you of deadlines, set alarms, and prioritize your tasks. If you are behind the wheel, you can even use Siri to verbally input items.…

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Pareto Principle

In 1906 Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto created the 80/20 Rule after observing that twenty percent of the people owned eighty percent of the land in Italy. Today we refer to it as the Pareto Principle. In the corporate world, regardless of your industry, 20 percent of the customers account for 80 percent of the business and 20 percent of your time accounts for 80 percent of your productivity.

Recently author Perry Marshall suggested that the Pareto Principle is actually exponential. If you take the initial 20 percent and use the 80/20 rule it works again; meaning the 20 percent of the 20 percent which amounts to 4 percent represents 80 percent of the 80 percent which works out to 64 percent.…

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