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#1062 Four Ways to Protect Your Emotional Well-Being From Corona

This pandemic has taken a toll on all of us. Those inflicted are dealing with the physical aspect of the virus. The rest of us are dealing with the emotional side of it. We have to find ways to cope and we must realize that within every crisis there are opportunities. On this week’s episode we discuss four ways to protect your emotional well-being from Corona.

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#943 Accept People for Who They Are

If you want to avoid frustration, stop trying to change the adults in your life and accept people for who they are.

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#934 A Lesson in Crisis Management from Mark Cuban

It’s always good to gain insight into how successful business people function at difficult times.┬áToday we discuss a lesson in crisis management from Mark Cuban.

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#821 Let Go of People that Bring You Down

Life is short. Spend your time with people that you enjoy. Let go of people that bring you down.

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#734 Be Informed By the News Not Consumed By the News

With all of our access to digital media it’s easy to become influenced the information you receive. Today we discuss how to be informed by the news not consumed by the news.…

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#645 Stop Playing Out Negative Mental Scenarios

Sometimes we need to get out of our head and stop playing out negative mental scenarios. Today we discuss some ideas to help.…

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