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Adjust Your Sails by Joel Brookman

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This business fable reveals the secrets to finding life’s purpose and success. This story… just might change yours.

It took Ned Noonan decades to build the finest investment firm in Boston. It took his son, Eddie, just a couple of months to destroy it. No job, no savings, no discernable future. So late one night, Eddie silently slips his father’s yacht out of dry dock and sets his sails for a solo voyage to Ireland. He doesn’t realize that a young woman is a stowaway on the boat, or that his father left a book for him that will change Eddie’s life.

Ned’s book lays out what the most successful people do intuitively. Hard work is only the beginning. Add intention, alignment, focus and discipline, and now you can truly begin to direct your life.

His dad’s manuscript provides step-by-step exercises to:

  • Define the life you desire—happiness, freedom, financial success
  • Create specific goals that align with your desires
  • Set the course to reach those goals
  • Integrate consistent action steps that move you toward your goals
  • Enjoy the ride to finding life’s purpose

It changed the direction of Eddie’s life.

You have the power to navigate through life just as a sailor navigates the current. Instead of a rudder and sail your tools are intention, alignment, focus and discipline. Decide on your destination—intention. Harness the wind in your sails, and maneuver with your rudder—alignment. Continually ensure you are staying on course—focus. Know that you will reach your destination because nothing will permanently take you off course—discipline.

Adjust Your Sails Reviews

Donna Phelan

A fascinating insider’s tale of lost fortune and personal renewal. Cleverly intertwined is a masterful life-lesson primer on how to set meaningful personal priorities and achieve balance.”

Donna Phelan, First Vice President—Investment Officer

Dan Hecht

Whether you are struggling to find your way, or looking to fine tune the direction of your life or career, Adjust Your Sails provides you with a simple, straightforward guide to help you achieve what you want in life. Joel has a magical way of bringing metaphysical ideas to life, with an engaging and business-oriented voice.”

Dan Hecht, CEO, MDVIP

Joan C. King, Ph.D.

The intriguing story pulls the reader into the lives of Eddie and Kathy only to discover an unknown treasure. Eddie’s father’s book opens a completely new exploration not only for Eddie and Kathy but for all of us—the exploration of life lived large not small. It simply states universal principles that allow us to thrive as human beings. This manual of life should be read by all wishing to truly live.”

Joan C. King, Ph.D., Master Certified Coach and Author
Cellular Wisdom Series of Books
A Life on Purpose: Wisdom at Work

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