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#1180 If You Are Working Remotely or Considering It You Need to Hear This

There are tremendous advantages to a remote work arrangement but have you considered the risks?  There may be opportunity costs that you are not thinking about. If you are working remotely or considering it you need to hear this.

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#918 Giving Up Your Corporate Paycheck to Start a New Business

For every person that’s gone on to make millions of dollars there’s another 20 that tried and failed. Turning an idea into a profitable business endeavor is incredibly difficult. If you are considering the idea of giving up your corporate paycheck to start a new business, look for ways prove your concept before making the jump.

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Fear in the Workplace

The biggest impediment to creating a great work environment is fear in the workplace. Fear causes people to justify their actions, “suck up” to superiors, and “cover their asses,” all of which negatively impact productivity, security, and job- satisfaction.

If we can mitigate fear we can help to create a great work environment. Here are some thoughts on how to do it:

Make merit the basis for promotion

If someone gets promoted, nobody should be surprised at the decision. Promotions should not be based on corporate politics or favoritism. If you are in a management role, merit should be the sole driver for getting ahead and ensure your people understand this.…

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#554 The Irreplaceable Employee

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The irreplaceable employee is the one that takes initiative.…

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#191 Your Niche at Work

90SecondNavigator-AlbumArt What is your niche at work? What do you do that no one else can? Discovering and capitalizing on it can have a dramatic impact.…

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Life-Long Student

While I was in a taxi the other night in Madison, Wisconsin, I decided to start a conversation with the driver. The discussion started with Uber, then went to the Packers, politics, and finally, the stock market. He was an expert on every topic. I have found that people that know everything seem to stop growing intellectually. After all, if you know everything, there’s nothing left to learn.

I see a similar challenge with egomaniacs. If you believe you know better than everyone else, you stop listening. If you stop listening, you stop learning. Once you stop learning, you no longer move forward.…

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