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#1142 How to Move Beyond Your Self-Inflicted Barriers

We all have limiting beliefs. These are deep rooted thoughts that we’ve acquired about ourselves that are preventing us from getting where we want to go. Most of these beliefs are irrational and are usually a reaction to something that happened in our past. If we can understand where they originated and why, we can begin to overcome them. Today’s discussion focuses on how to move beyond your self-inflicted barriers.

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#1138 Negative Self-Talk Will Inhibit Your Success. Today We Show You How to Rewrite Your Narrative.

We are often our own single biggest obstacle to success. If you tell yourself that you’re not worthy or deserving, you’re creating a tremendous barrier to achievement. Create your own internal narrative so that it aligns with where you want to go. We’ll talk about how to do it.

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#898 Be Open to Modifying Your Beliefs

People become set in their ways and only look at information that reinforces their viewpoint. What if you could be open to modifying your beliefs? You could certainly reduce conflict in your life. You might even learn a few things that you otherwise would have overlooked.

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#184 Expectations Drive Behavior

If you convey positive expectations to yourself or those around you, you will see a positive response. Expectations drive behavior.…

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#181 Who Are You

From the moment we are born we are given labels by the people around us–smart, slow, cute etc. Some are positive and others negative. We grow out of certain labels but others we do not. Who are you today and how do these labels affect you? Which ones would you like changed?…

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#91 Be Open to the Possibilities

90SecondNavigator-AlbumArt Resist the need to micro-manage your life and be open to the possibilities that come your way.…

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