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#1026 Will You Die Without Having Lived?

None of us are here in this life forever. Regardless of what we contribute to society, how much wealth we have, or knowledge we’ve accumulated, death is the great equalizer. It also has a way of putting everything else in perspective. The question to ponder today, will you die without having lived?

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#1021 Keys to a Longer Happier Life

Who do you want to be as you get older? Make the decision to stay young mentally and physically. Today we dicusss the keys to living a longer happier life.

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#1019 Don’t Allow Other People to Take Away Your Happiness

If you find yourself in a toxic relationship, if there are people that constantly bring you down, it’s time to do something about it. Don’t allow other people to take away your happiness.

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#1014 Your Happiness is Determined by How You Process Thoughts in Your Head

Why is it that certain people can have everything and be miserable while others can have nothing and be happy? So much of your happiness is determined by how you process thoughts in your head. Today we look at ways to get better at managing your thoughts.

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#1005 Spend More Time Doing What You Do Best

We tend to enjoy doing things that we are good at. Unfortunately, life’s activities often interfere and we end up taking on more things that we feel we have to do, but don’t really want to do. It’s time to make a conscious decision to spend more time doing what you do best. Today we discuss how to make it happen in your life.

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#1000 How to Be Happier

When you think about your life’s aspirations, do they involve money or material things? If you look at the attributes of happiness you’ll find that it’s much more about the ride than it is about the destination. If you make a decision to get in shape, you probably wouldn’t consult the friend that’s 75 pounds overweight, you’d talk to the person with 2% body fat that’s already in great shape. As you consider how to be happier, why not ask the happiest people on the planet what they do.…

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