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#272 Become Adaptable

90SecondNavigator-AlbumArt If you want to live a more fulfilling life, stop resisting what is and become adaptable.…

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Make the Best of Every Situation

Joel Brookman

I have found that the difference between happy people and miserable people has little to do with what they have, or even how they were raised. It has much more to do with how they react and deal with events that happen around them. Happy people have the ability to make the best of every situation. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Remove judgment—I remember hearing a story of a man with three young children on a train. The children were running around screaming and bothering other passengers. The father was doing nothing. After 10 minutes of the children’s antics, a passenger began to lecture the father on his lack of discipline.

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#120 Accept What Comes Your Way

To maintain balance in life stop trying to control everything and accept what comes your way.…

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#85 Play the Ball Where It Lies

Stop wishing things were different and accept what is. Play the ball where it lies.…

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Resonate With Your Environment

Last week we talked about the concept of riding the wave as a metaphor for how to live a fulfilling life. The point I made is that you first have to get present in the moment and accept what is. Once you are in the moment it is important to tune into your environment. Think of your environment as the current in the ocean. You can navigate in the direction you would like to go but you must do so within the framework of the current. As I mentioned earlier, fighting it or wishing it away doesn’t change what is, and does nothing but render you powerless to improve your situation. …

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Ride the Wave

The working title for my book was “Ride the Wave.”  I ultimately decided to change it to Adjust Your Sails. As a captain of a sailboat you must first accept the conditions around you (ride the wave) before you begin to navigate toward your destination (adjust your sails). The book is about the concept of successfully navigating life. A critical component is realizing that life, like the ocean, the currents, and the weather is not something that can be controlled. Things will happen to knock you off course and test your resolve, but you must flow with the changes rather than fighting against them.…

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