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Enjoy the Mystery of Life

My wife is an amazing woman. As the consummate planner, she keeps everyone around her on task, but when things don’t follow her plan, it drives her crazy. I am the opposite. In my professional life, I know I have to plan ahead to get where I want to go. In my personal life, I prefer to ride the wave and enjoy the mystery of life.

It’s not about living life by the seat of your pants. It’s more about not getting attached to the specifics.

When you put your plan in place, be open to the outcome you planned for or something better. The challenge is that it is often impossible to see the entire picture from where you are standing. If you can let go and enjoy the mystery of life, you will become less attached to the details and the outcome.

Years ago I interviewed for a position with a company that was the leader in my industry. From my perspective, it was the perfect opportunity—great firm, wonderful people, and amazing culture. I wanted this more than anything else I had ever wished for in my career.

I didn’t get the position. To say I was upset was an understatement. In the end I still ended up switching firms. I took a position with a lesser known company. Over the next five years that lesser known firm merged with a larger, more reputable organization. The combined entity became an industry leader. During its rise to prominence, the first company I interviewed with fell on hard times. They ended up laying off a large percentage of their distribution team. Although I couldn’t see it at the time, that rejection ended up being one of the best things that could have happened.

Be open to the direction life takes you. If you work hard, take care of the people, and do the right things along the way, life has a way of working out. Stop getting attached to the way you want things to go, and begin to enjoy the mystery of life. It just may end up better than you could have expected.

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