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Courtesy Flickr Creative Commons

Courtesy Flickr Creative Commons

While I was in a taxi the other night in Madison, Wisconsin, I decided to start a conversation with the driver. The discussion started with Uber, then went to the Packers, politics, and finally, the stock market. He was an expert on every topic. I have found that people that know everything seem to stop growing intellectually. After all, if you know everything, there’s nothing left to learn.

I see a similar challenge with egomaniacs. If you believe you know better than everyone else, you stop listening. If you stop listening, you stop learning. Once you stop learning, you no longer move forward.

The most interesting people I encounter are life-long students. Being a life-long student doesn’t require you to be enrolled in classes, you just have to be inquisitive and open-minded.

When I examine areas in which I consider myself a student, it’s the financial markets, as that is the industry I am a part of. I am also a student of personal development, which is a passion of mine.

Aside from the benefits of being more informed in an area you study, there are also potential financial benefits. As a student of your industry, you are able to grow in your role. Much like a surfer positions herself on a cresting wave, you can spot trends and put yourself in place to take advantage of opportunities. You are more informed and are able to use your intellect to make contributions.

Being a student also has health benefits. I’ve spent enough time around seniors in South Florida to know that if you don’t use you mind, there is a price to pay. Whether it’s Alzheimer’s, dementia, or a lack of mental sharpness, we must keep our brains engaged. Being a student ensures that our minds are continually expanding.

For this week I’d like you to do some personal refection. Are you open to new ideas and new ways of doing things? Are you continually learning and growing in your work life and personal life? Are you a student of something significant (pop culture and People Magazine don’t count)?

After reflecting, if you come away feeling less than fulfilled, examine your interests and become a life-long student of something that drives your passion.

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