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Ride the Wave

The working title for my book was “Ride the Wave.”  I ultimately decided to change it to Adjust Your Sails. As a captain of a sailboat you must first accept the conditions around you (ride the wave) before you begin to navigate toward your destination (adjust your sails). The book is about the concept of successfully navigating life. A critical component is realizing that life, like the ocean, the currents, and the weather is not something that can be controlled. Things will happen to knock you off course and test your resolve, but you must flow with the changes rather than fighting against them. Fighting against the flow of your life is like fighting the current. It’s an exercise in futility.

People that fight the flow, are constantly struggling and usually unhappy. You know the people I’m talking about, they’re always giving you the drama filled story of what someone else did to them.  Somehow they always end up being the victim.

The key to riding the wave is to first accept what is. By accepting what is, you are surrendering to the moment. If you are surfing you must position yourself in a spot just beyond where the waves are breaking. Only then will you have an opportunity to ride one in. Accepting your current situation and being present in it will allow you to float and experience the current. It creates the starting point from which you can begin to navigate.

This week I’d like you to try simply being at peace with your current life situation. Take inventory of where you are and accept what is. A great way to do this is to sit quietly, close your eyes and become the observer of yourself. Look at the different facets of your life: Work, family, spiritual and social. Notice where you are in each of these areas. Next week we will discuss how to apply direction while staying within the framework. In the meantime, ride the wave and send me a comment and let me know how you do.
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