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“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become” Charles Jueng. As you understand this game we call life, you realize that there are certain principles that if followed, will improve your life experience. Why not apply them?

  1. Existence is bigger than anything you can wrap your brain around. Most people have something that they think defines them. “I’m an accountant.” “I’m a golfer.” “I’m the father of two boys.” What we often fail to see is that we are so much more than all of those things. These are all external factors. What happens when the accountant losses his job or a shoulder injury puts an end to the golf game? If you allow these factors to define who are, you begin to lose yourself. Look beyond your ego and see the vastness of your existence.
  1. Observation without judgment provides amazing perspective. When you remove judgment it makes you more accepting of others. It also makes you more tolerant of your own actions causing you to be less critical. As you become the observer you can watch what happens around you without casting judgment. Simply resist the impulse to critique and accept what is.
  1. You can influence the trajectory of your life. The slightest impact on a meteor drifting thru space can alter its course by millions of miles. While you don’t have complete control over your life, you do have the ability to influence it. Decide on what you would like your life to be, then allow that vision to act as your compass. Each day. consciously make subtle shifts through your actions to move yourself in the desired direction.
  1. You decide who you want to be in each moment. If you don’t like the way your life is going, change it. Be the person you want to be. Stop getting caught up in your story and look forward. So often people allow their past circumstances to define who they are today. If you dropped out of high school, you can use this as justification for your lack of success in life or you can choose to move beyond your story and do something about it. Richard Branson, Francois Pinault, and David Murdock have something in common: They were all high school drop-outs that went on to become billionaires.

As we approach the New Year, take the opportunity to contemplate ways to improve your life experience. Begin by accepting responsibility for everything that happens. Next decide on what action is needed to drive you toward your desires. Finally, maintain the discipline to ensure you sustain your focus.

If you are serious about trying to improve your life experience, pick up a copy of my book, Adjust Your Sails. It will provide all the tools you need to help you begin creating the life you desire.

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