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In chapter four of Adjust Your Sails we take an in depth look at the concept of how to create a bucket list. The primary focus is on fulfillment.

The reality is that none of us know when we will spend our last day on earth. No one ever sat on their deathbed and wished they had spent more time working or taking care of the house. The real question is, what are those things you want to do while you are here? Have you taken the time to create a list? If not, what are you waiting for?

If you have a smart phone, pull it out right now and open a note. If not, do this on your computer or on paper. Answer this question: What have you always wanted to do that you have never done–jump out of a plane, go to Italy, see your favorite band? Are you physically and financially able to do what you have listed? If not now, would it be possible at some point in the future? What would you need in order to make it happen?

Create a plan to make the desire a reality. Treat it exactly like a goal (we outlined goal attainment in earlier blogs). Using the Italian trip as an example, surround yourself with pictures of the places you would like to visit. This can be as simple as finding the images online and assigning them as your screen saver. Fantasize about the experience.  Feel what it would be like to visit the places you desire. The feeling creates the energetic vibration, which sets the desire in motion.

If money is a barrier, can you begin to set aside funds every time you get paid? You could even payroll deduct the money directly into an account so you never even see it.

If there are items on your list that are physically and financially feasible now, make the arrangements today.

This list should be a living, breathing document. Continue to compile everything you would like to do before you die.  The alternative is the realization that your days are limited, and feeling regret for all those things you never did, but wish you had.

Create a bucket list, check it off as you go, and enjoy the ride!

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