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Define Success for You

Many people get caught pursuing what society deems as success. If you don’t take the time to figure out your own vision of success your ego will do it for you. This inevitably leads to trying to please or impress others: co-workers, parents, significant others, even strangers. It’s important to define success for you.

In the corporate world, people measure success by how well someone climbs the ladder. With each step up comes additional responsibility. While this responsibility sounds great on paper, the reality can be quite different. Let’s look at the successful corporate business person that has risen to a position of managing large groups of people.…

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Getting Away

getting away
I am writing this on a flight from Vail to Chicago after getting away on an amazing ski trip with 3 close friends. As I reflect on the last four days where my biggest responsibility was making the 8:30 lift, and my most critical decision was choosing which run to take, I realize I am heading to my Chicago meeting fully energized. I haven’t thought about office politics or work challenges in the past 5 days.

Just prior to leaving I had lunch with two college buddies. Both are very successful business people. One of them just survived a bout of meningitis.…

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#59 Year End Life Review

The end of the year is the perfect time to do a year end life review. Start by taking inventory of your life. Decide on what you would like to focus on. Create a plan and take action.…

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Enjoy Each Accomplishment


I am an avid skier. My house is in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Vail is only 10 minutes down the road so I typically spend several days every season skiing it. Vail is an amazing mountain, one of the largest in US. The one challenge I have with Vail (mostly due to its size and layout) is that I’m always trying to get somewhere else on the mountain. What I love so much about Beaver Creek is the flow of the mountain. It’s very easy to maneuver to different parts of the resort. The beauty is that I am able to relax and just focus on my skiing instead of constantly trying to get somewhere else.…

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