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#768 Focus on What’s Good in Life

Stop looking at what’s wrong with the world and focus on what’s good in life.…

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#732 Stop Worrying and Start Living

If you want to live life with no regrets, follow your passions, focus on the things that you can control, stop worrying and start living.…

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#728 Resolve Disputes With Important People In Your Life

Stop standing on ceremony and resolve disputes with important people in your life. You never know if you’ll have another  opportunity to do it.…

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Live Life With No Regrets

I’ve spent the last week on my family reunion. We were supposed to be in Lake Como, Italy, but since my father was diagnosed with Leukemia we decided to stay in the US. We chose Mystic, Connecticut, because it was close to my parents house in Providence and my brother has a house there. This trip was special as my father had officially surpassed the time frame for the prognosis given by his doctor. As I watched him interact with his children and grandchildren, I realize that he has accomplished something few people have. He has reached a place of peace and contentment in virtually every aspect of his life.…

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Be a Great Boss

As a parent, you receive little or no training for the role, but the day comes when you are completely responsible for the life of a tiny being. Most of us grow into the role and become competent parents. In the end, the quality of your parenting has a strong correlation to the long-term happiness and success of your child.

After your children, the people whose life you have the greatest influence on are your employees. Consider the fact that most full time workers spend half of their waking life doing their job. As their boss you have tremendous control over their happiness.…

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#692 Social Media Is Not a Replacement for Human Contact

Social media is a wonderful tool for keeping up with the lives of friends and family but social media is not a replacement for human contact.…

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