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Your Story

Everyone has a story. I was involved with a woman whose father verbally abused her. Her parents had a toxic relationship. They would scream at each other on a daily basis. When we had even the smallest disagreement, she would scream at me. Her excuse was that this is the way people in her family expressed themselves. She justified her actions with her “story.” Maybe you were born to parents that never understood you. They wanted different things for you than you wanted for yourself. Perhaps you had a traumatic experience in your past that influences who you are today. The culmination of your life’s experiences, especially the highly-charged ones, often become your story.…

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Get Out of Harm’s Way

As I write this there is a category five hurricane on a beeline towards my home. This is the home that I just bought, tore down to the studs, and put the finishing touches on only months ago. The vision running through my head is seeing the waterlogged remnants of all my stuff: the brand new furniture, the electronics, the collection of signed guitars and albums. I am visualizing the look on my wife’s face after all the work she put in to completing the project after we fired the contractor. I am seeing the response from my children as they witness the destruction of their rooms.…

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The Best and Worst of Humanity

Each morning when you wake, you have a choice to make: Will you focus on the positive or the negative? Two weeks ago I wrote an article about how divisive the U.S. has become over racism and the political landscape. The events in Charlottesville put a spotlight on the underbelly of humanity. This week’s news shows a completely different perspective on our ability to peacefully co-exist. Heroic events and an outpouring of support for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas show us just how incredible people can be. No one is focusing on race, religion or immigration status. Instead, Americans are coming to the aid of those in need, no background questions asked.…

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Being Busy

Westerners, especially workers here in the U.S., seem to be addicted to being busy. We derive self-importance from being busy and even choose to wear it as a badge of honor.

What are we busy doing: attending meetings, putting out proverbial fires, dealing with personnel, doing paperwork? As we are busy doing these tasks, how effectively are we moving through them?

Have you noticed when you have a deadline, you always find a way to get things done in the time allotted? If you have a mountain of tasks to complete the day before you leave for vacation, that day becomes incredibly productive.…

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Diffuse the Anger

If you subscribe to my blog or The 90 Second Navigator Podcast, you know that I never discuss politics because it’s just too polarizing. As a voter I would classify myself as fiscally conservative and socially moderate. I believe that people should have the ability to make their own decisions provided those decisions don’t negatively impact others. I think your spirituality, sexual preference, and cultural influences are your business. I honor your choices provided you don’t impose your will on others. I believe in empathy for my fellow humans: more empathy makes the world a better place. The challenge with my ideals is they don’t fit squarely into either political party here in the U.S.…

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Live Life With No Regrets

I’ve spent the last week on my family reunion. We were supposed to be in Lake Como, Italy, but since my father was diagnosed with Leukemia we decided to stay in the US. We chose Mystic, Connecticut, because it was close to my parents house in Providence and my brother has a house there. This trip was special as my father had officially surpassed the time frame for the prognosis given by his doctor. As I watched him interact with his children and grandchildren, I realize that he has accomplished something few people have. He has reached a place of peace and contentment in virtually every aspect of his life.…

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