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Be the Person You Want to Be

I’m turning 50 this week and I’m looking back at my life wondering how it moved so quickly. Probability suggests that I have more days behind than ahead. This causes me to look at where I am in life and ask several questions: How did I become the person I am today? What were the pivotal moments in my life? Am I satisfied with who I am and what I’ve done? Once you have a deep understanding of how you arrived at this point in your life, you are in a better position to direct yourself to be the person you want to be.…

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Design Your Life

My original intention for the work I do for my articles, and the 90 Second Navigator Podcasts, is the realization that you have the ability to design your life. I thought it might make sense to go back to that foundation and discuss the key concepts around creating the life you want.

From the moment I graduated college I told everybody that I would be a millionaire by age 30. I found my opportunity when I started a construction business one year later. It didn’t take long for my entire self-worth to become wrapped into this business. Within two years I had 30 employees and I was on my way.…

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Inner Peace for the Working Professional

What is inner peace? A quick Google search turned up, “a state of being mentally and spiritually at peace, with enough knowledge and understanding to keep oneself strong in the face of discord or stress. Being ‘at peace’ is considered by many to be healthy and the opposite of being stressed or anxious.” We usually think of monks or yogis as those who live in a perpetual state of inner peace. They’re not participating in the daily grind that most of us endure. For the rest of us, the biggest challenge to achieving a state of inner peace is our daily life.…

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Decide What Not to Focus On

A big part of success is the ability to decide what not to focus on. This week I spent some time coaching a salesperson with 1,000 clients. While we like to think that we can service all of those clients, there are only so many hours in each day. Based on the number of average daily appointments, and the frequency of visits required to effectively cover those clients, that salesperson can only realistically serve 300-400 clients. Once you go beyond 400, the additional people impact your ability to adequately cover your 400 best opportunities. Attempting to take care of all those people can actually have a negative effect on total sales.…

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Control Your Spending

When was the last time you took a close look at your personal balance sheet? Do you have a very clear idea how much of your money is coming in each month and just as importantly, how much is going out? What is your monthly nut? How much does it cost you to run your life, all in, per month? How much is coming in each month? Mission one: if you earn a living wage and you consistently have more going out than coming in, it is time control your spending. Start with your bills and look for the least painful ways to shave some monthly expenses.…

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Positive Energy

Last night I went to see Carlos Santana. If you’re unfamiliar with Carlos, he is one of the finest guitarists on the planet. He surrounds himself with an amazing array of ever-changing musicians, who seamlessly resonate with his energy. As incredible as the music is, it’s the positive energy that truly makes the experience. He tunes the entire audience to his wavelength and takes them for a ride.

Moments of enlightenment

We all have those moments in life that are truly euphoric: Watching your children take their first steps; Riding the rollercoaster as it descends from its highest point; The feeling you get when you are in the presence of someone with incredible energy.…

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