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Bucket List

the gorge 2
I am on flight from Seattle to Fort Lauderdale. I can’t get the smile off of my face because I just came from one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I am a huge fan of live music and one of my favorite bands to see live is The Dave Matthews Band. Last night they played in a place that has been on my bucket list since I heard of its existence five years ago. It’s called the Gorge. It’s 2.5 hours east of Seattle with scenery words cannot even begin to describe. It’s a natural amphitheater with astounding acoustics.…

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Live For You

sarah ski
What do you love doing so much that when you’re doing it, and someone asks you what you’d rather be doing, there is nothing else? The thought of it ending disheartens you. For me it’s skiing, live music, experiencing new places, and spending quality time with my family (when everyone is in a good mood). Take a moment and pinpoint what they are for you.

Many of us go through life not taking advantage of the things we love to do as often as we should. It’s usually because life takes over. We have responsibilities at work, at home and many of us are taking care of others.…

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#46 Work Family Balance

It’s one thing to be in the room, it’s quite another to be present while you’re there. A big part of having your work family balance succeed is your engagement.…

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#24 Stay Fully Conscious

In order to stay fully conscious in the moment you must be focused and disciplined. Here are some thoughts on how to get there.…

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Resonate With Your Environment

Last week we talked about the concept of riding the wave as a metaphor for how to live a fulfilling life. The point I made is that you first have to get present in the moment and accept what is. Once you are in the moment it is important to tune into your environment. Think of your environment as the current in the ocean. You can navigate in the direction you would like to go but you must do so within the framework of the current. As I mentioned earlier, fighting it or wishing it away doesn’t change what is, and does nothing but render you powerless to improve your situation. …

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Be Here Now


Last week we suggested that life is a series of moments. I asked you to begin focusing on these moments. Remember nothing ever happens in the past, it happens in the now. Nothing ever happens in the future, it happens in the now. Aside from being chased by the proverbial bear, there is no stress in the now. Stress is a result of thinking about what could happen in the future, or what did happen in the past. The most spiritually advanced people are those that spend the greatest amount of time in the present moment. Once we accept this we can begin to look at how we can create a stronger focus to be here now.…

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