Personal Development Speaker Joel Brookman Helps Professionals Like You Achieve Their Goals and Live a
Fulfilling Life

Joel BrookmanJoel Brookman, Personal Development Speaker, Author and Coach

For your next seminar, bring in Joel Brookman, a personal development speaker who will help you and your audience discover how to achieve your goals and how to live a fulfilling life! His impressive journey of rising from an out-of-business, stressed out entrepreneur to a top Wall Street executive with his dream personal life has the power to transform lives.

Throughout his journey, Joel developed a deep interest in determining what actions and characteristics helped highly successful people achieve greatness and attain their goals. Finding out what exactly drove people to become successful became his passion.

Not only did Joel discover the power of self actualization, but his goal became to provide a balanced approach that speaks to “regular” people who may not be familiar with these life-changing concepts, as well as to depict a straightforward and actionable path to success for those who have been exposed to this information but have yet to incorporate it into their life.

Joel Brookman Can Help You and Your Audience to:

  • Define the life you desire—happiness, freedom, financial success.
  • Discover the powerful combination of action and discipline.
  • Find the keys to setting personal, work and financial goals in alignment with your desires.
  • Integrate consistent action steps that incrementally move you to achieve your goals.
  • Build knowledge-based ritualized activities to capture and fulfill your desires.
  • Achieve wealth while still living a balanced life.
  • Live a fulfilling life, finding your life purpose.

What People Are Saying

Randy Hammon

Businessperson or not, young or old, [Joel can] help you transform every aspect of your life.

Randy Hammon, Founder and Author
The Safe Money System

Dan Hecht

Whether you are struggling to find your way, or looking to fine tune the direction of your life or career, [Joel] provides you with a simple, straightforward guide to help you achieve what you want in life. Joel has a magical way of bringing metaphysical ideas to life, with an engaging and business-oriented voice.”

Dan Hecht, CEO, MDVIP

Ken Druck, Ph.D.

Great life lessons for business people, and everyone else for that matter.”

Ken Druck, Ph.D., Author, Grief Coach and Founder
The Real Rules of Life, The Jenna Druck Center

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