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Last wJoel Brookmaneek was about maximizing your most precious resource, your time. This week I want to focus on how to accomplish more with the time you have. I am convinced that if you take any, or all of the following suggestions, you will positively impact your productivity.

  1. Be accountable—If you want maintain the discipline to move toward your goals, it is helpful if you are accountable to someone. At work it can your boss, your assistant, or a mentor. I have worked with coaches for the last 20 years and that has done amazing things for keeping me on my path. I have someone to hold my feet to the fire.
  2. Maintain systematic oversight on delegated tasks. If you solicit the help of others to complete a project, you must maintain responsibility for the outcome. This means managing those you delegate to and tracking their progress. If your project is ongoing, be sure to schedule incremental check-ins. This will help productivity by ensuring that you stay on top of the project.
  3. Hang with successful people. We all need to be challenged. If you spend all your time with less productive people, you’ll stop growing. Think of it in terms of sports. As a tennis player, if you only play with lesser players, you won’t improve because they can’t push you. Playing with stronger players forces you to raise your game.
  4. Create productive habits. The most successful people maintain the discipline to continually move toward their goals and desires. They do this by forming productive habits to help them get there. Once the habit is established it no longer requires tremendous energy, you’re simply going through the routine. If you perform the same task every day for a month, you will set the habit in place.

Think about what you can begin to implement in your life and a timeframe for doing it. Share it with someone that will hold you accountable. Shoot me note to let me know how you are doing.

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