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Last week we discussed the concept of Self Actualization. We defined it as the state of being that represents full acceptance of what is, and the ability to navigate from this mindset. One critical point in achieving self-actualization is gratitude.

The question is, do you appreciate what you have? If you do, how often do you take the time to acknowledge it? Think about the things in your life that you cherish: your family, your health, your home. Do you have a job that you enjoy? Do you live in a place that is safe from turmoil where you have enough food to eat and clean water to drink? Do you realize that most people living in the western world have a lifestyle that exceeds that of any other time in the history of the world.

If we all simply took the time each day to appreciate and show gratitude for what we have and how fortunate we are, think how much happier we could be. It is simply impossible to be in the state of gratitude and be miserable at the same time.

Every morning before you get out of bed, think about 3 things for which you have gratitude. Keep a notepad on your nightstand and write them down. As you go though your day, make mental notes each time you come across something you are grateful for. As you do this, your days will get better and you will be taking a big stride toward the achievement of self-actualization.

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