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#829 Applying the Compounding Effect to Life

People that achieve mastery in a particular area in life, get there through hard work and repetition. By continually working  on their skills they are applying the compounding effect to life.

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#811 Create Habits to Ritualize Activities to Reach Your Goals











To help you get where you want to go in life, create habits to ritualize activities to reach your goals.…

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#264 Target Heart Rate

90SecondNavigator-AlbumArt A critical habit is exercise. If you want to maximize your return on your exercise time, get to 80% of your target heart rate for 20 minutes.…

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Productive Habits

heart rate monitor
I’ve stated many times that the most successful people aren’t necessarily the smartest or those that work the longest hours, they’re the people that have the most productive habits.

Create habits that provide life balance.
1. Exercise: Assuming you are in good health, find an activity that you enjoy (or can at least tolerate), that gets your heart rate up. Do it at least 4 days week. Pick up a heart rate monitor. You can find one for under $50. (It can be a Bluetooth strap that transmits to a smartphone app or an inexpensive watch with a chest strap that measures your heart rate).

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Fostering Relationships

In New York City it’s difficult to walk more than a block without a Starbuck’s encounter. There is one Starbuck’s that has become a destination. Many devout coffee drinkers will pass several just to get to this one. It happens to be on Park Avenue in the first floor headquarters of JP Morgan Chase. The reason people come has nothing to do with the coffee, but everything to do with a barista known as Happy Ivy. Ivy has a wonderful, bubbly personality and always has a warm smile. She is amazing at fostering relationships.

While her personality has certainly helped her create a following, it is her dedication to making her customers feel special that creates her success: Ivy comes in every morning two hours prior to the store’s opening.…

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#170 Accomplish More

90SecondNavigator-AlbumArt If you want to accomplish more, spend time with successful people, be accountable to someone, and create productive habits.…

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