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Be Here Now


Last week we suggested that life is a series of moments. I asked you to begin focusing on these moments. Remember nothing ever happens in the past, it happens in the now. Nothing ever happens in the future, it happens in the now. Aside from being chased by the proverbial bear, there is no stress in the now. Stress is a result of thinking about what could happen in the future, or what did happen in the past. The most spiritually advanced people are those that spend the greatest amount of time in the present moment. Once we accept this we can begin to look at how we can create a stronger focus to be here now.

Eating–Notice the texture of your food as it enters your mouth. Take your time and really enjoy your food.

Personal interactions–Be fully engaged with the person with whom you are speaking. Stop thinking about other things and tune into the conversation at hand.

Quiet time—Take 20 minutes every day to quiet your mind and become the observer of your breath. The benefits to your stress level, health, and creativity will be miraculous.

Create an hourly chime on your smartphone. Make the tone something simple. Every time you hear the tone it should remind you to be present in the moment. If you have an iPhone you can download a free app called “Chime.” The developer is Crabtree.

Regardless of what method you use, make an attempt to increase the percentage of your waking time that you spend in the moment. The goal is to be here now! Check in and let me know how you do.




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