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My mid 20’s were the most stressful period of my life. The irony is that there have been several periods that should have been far more stressful. The reason: I became self-aware in my early 30’s. That self-awareness provided perspective and brought me to realize that my stress was self-induced.

What is self-awareness

Self-awareness is having an understanding of your own personality such that you are in in tune with your weaknesses, your strengths, and your emotions. You are able to see yourself objectively. You have the knowingness that the essence of who you are goes beyond your job, your relationships, or your life situation.

Getting to know yourself

As a self-aware person your initial focus is on yourself. While it’s wonderful to be there for other people, your presence is far more beneficial after you’ve taken the time to focus on yourself. Self-focus grounds you mentally, spiritually, and physically (assuming part of that focus is dedicated to maintaining your body).


The self-aware person is constantly fine-tuning their external perception. They are open to feedback from others, especially in business. They filter that feedback then use it to fine tune their actions. Consider the self-aware business owner. She listens to the input she gets from her customers and her employees. She considers the credibility of each source of feedback then implements changes to address the most critical ones. This allows her to identify blind spots and gain perspective.

Understanding the why

Self-aware people are clear on what they are striving for. They gain this clarity by answering the question why. Why do I want this particular job? Why do I wish to live at this desired location? Why am I in business? It gives life a sense of purpose and helps maintain the motivation to move forward.


The simplest way to become self-aware is to meditate. Taking the time to clear your mind provides a perspective that allows for self-reflection. You reach a point where you become the observer of yourself. It serves as an entry point into the subconscious mind, which is a far more powerful tool than the conscious mind.

Self-awareness is critical to our evolution. If you look at spiritually advanced people, you will find that they are self-aware. Establishing a mindset and practice of self-awareness will put you in a better position to handle life’s challenges and ultimately make you a happier, more fulfilled person.

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