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#955 If You Are Serious About Reaching Your Goals Learn to Focus Your Energy

If you take a magnifying glass and align it perfectly with the sun, you can start a fire. If you focus your mental energy on a specific goal you can attain it. If you are serious about reaching your goals learn to focus your energy.

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#954 The Benefits of Mental Conditioning

Most people are tuned into the the benefits of physical conditioning. What about the benefits of mental mental conditioning? Today we discuss ways to ensure that you’re caring for your state of mind.

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#953 Becoming a World Class Manager

This week my manager, friend, and mentor retired. Many have called him the best manager in our industry. Today we identify those things that made him great and discuss thoughts on becoming a world class manager.

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#952 Why Are There so Many Mass Shootings

Why are there so many mass shootings? Maybe it’s time to look at the media we expose ourselves to, the type of shows and movies we watch, and the video games we play.

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#951 Who Are You to the People Around You

Who are you to the people around you? Are you the person that makes things better or complicates them. If you don’t like your answer, you have the power to do something about it.

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#950 If You Want to Be a Great Employee Do These Things

If you are a hiring manager or business owner you should be in tune with characteristics that drive success in the workplace. Today’s episode, “If you want to be a great employee do these things” should be very insightful for you as an owner, manager, or employee.

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