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#825 Returning to Work After Vacation

Returning to work after vacation can be very stressful. It can get so bad that you may begin to question why you went away in the first place. There are some things you can do to mitigate that stress. That is our topic for today.

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#734 Be Informed By the News Not Consumed By the News

With all of our access to digital media it’s easy to become influenced the information you receive. Today we discuss how to be informed by the news not consumed by the news.…

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Stay Centered

One of the fundamentals to achieving a consistent state of happiness and success is the ability to stay centered across all aspects of your life—family, business, relationships, and leisure time. Being centered means you are managing things from the proper vantage point. Alpine Ski instructors will always tell you to get into a position that makes you most resistant to being knocked off your feet: knees slightly bent, leaning forward, legs shoulder length apart. If you unexpectedly encounter challenging terrain, you are in the best position to handle it. This is an ideal analogy for life. If you stay centered you are in the best position to take on anything life throws your way.…

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Stay Rational Through Fear

I was on the chairlift in Vail and I dropped my glove. I decided to go get it. It was in an out of bounds area so I spoke to the ski patrol before going to retrieve it. The patroller suggested that I would see a break in trees just below and to the left of where my glove was. I followed his directions but never saw the break in the trees. I continued down the hill and promptly realized why this area was out of bounds. There was a stream that cut across the trail. At this point going left was no longer a good option because there was a steep uphill climb.…

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Refuse to Grow Up

Sir Richard Branson (r) of the Virgin Oceanic submarine along with Chris Welsh,-co-pilots of the just unveiled Virgin Oceanic submarine as it sits atop its "mothership", the "Cheyenne" catamaran, Tuesday April 5th in Newport Beach, CA. The submarine project is to explore the deepest points in the five oceans, to depths of 36,000+ and Sir Richard will make the descent in the Atlantic. Chris Welsh will undertake the other 4 explorations. The catamaran, was formerly owned by Steve Fossett who raced it around the world as "Playstation".

As adults with seemingly endless lists of responsibilities, it can be difficult to not take ourselves too seriously. When things are serious, life becomes heavy, we get overwhelmed, then stress kicks in. Why do some people feel immense stress and others undergoing the exact same challenges sail through without a care in the world? One trait I’ve noticed among that second group of people is they refuse to grow up.

Approaching the world with childlike zeal is certainly more fun than always being an adult. It also has a way of providing perspective. Billionaire Richard Branson of the Virgin companies is someone that epitomizes this philosophy.…

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#532 Manage Your Stress

find-a-way-to-manage-stressIf you want to maximize your quality of life, find some techniques to manage stress. Today’s discussion centers on a few suggestions.…

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