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#945 Create a Reunion for the Special People in Your Life

Relationships are the single greatest source of happiness for people. Why not create a reunion for the special people in your life.unknown.jpg

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#944 Can You Be an Entrepreneur and a Corporate Executive at the Same Time?

When most people decide to start a new business they typically relinquish the security of their day job to jump into their own endeavor. The question is, can you be an entrepreneur and a corporate executive at the same time? If you are currently employed and considering starting your own endeavor, maybe it makes sense to start it while you’re still receiving a steady paycheck. You’ll have a chance to ensure that you have proof of concept without having to live in your parents basement.…

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#943 Accept People for Who They Are

If you want to avoid frustration, stop trying to change the adults in your life and accept people for who they are.

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#942 Keep Your Employees Happy

The unemployment rate in the US has fallen to it’s lowest point in nearly 50 years. It’s harder than ever to find good people. The best course of action is to ensure that you keep your employees happy.

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#941 If You Work on Yourself First You Will Ultimately Become a Better Resource to Others

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#940 Living a Life With No Regrets

Today we discuss the findings of a nurse who cared for people at the end of their lives. She asked all of her patients to discuss their biggest regrets. Some of her findings may surprise you. The message for today focuses on living a life with no regrets.

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