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Let Go

Is there someone from your past that did something so awful that it affects you to this day? Maybe your father told you that you would never amount to anything. You could choose to believe him and allow his words to define who you are, or you could choose to let go by realizing that you control your destiny and no one has the power to take that away from you.

Stop blaming other people for your problems

If you blame others for your circumstances, you are giving away your power and relegating yourself to a victim. Victims are at the mercy of those around them.…

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#702 Limit Your Exposure to Negative People

If you want to be a happier person, limit your exposure to negative people.…

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#701 Eliminate Negative Influences

Stop subjecting your mind to all the horrific things that are happening in the world. Do what you can to reduce or eliminate negative influences. Start  by evaluating the media you consume.…

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#699 Appreciation and Negativity Cannot Coexist Simultaneously

If you find yourself in a negative mindset, find something around you to appreciate. Appreciation and negativity cannot coexist simultaneously.…

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Stay Positive

You wake in a panic as you realize that your alarm should have gone off 30 minutes ago. In that moment your negativity takes over and you tell yourself that you’re in for a bad day. In your haste you spill coffee on your shirt. Your spouse is giving you a hard time over a household project that you never completed. You finally get out the door only to find yourself sitting in an endless traffic jam. Your boss calls asking where you are, then proceeds to tell you that you’ve just lost your largest client. You may argue that some of these circumstances may be out of your control, but your reaction to them is certainly in your control.…

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5 Ways to Ensure Employees are Working in the Best Interest of the Organization

Recently I brought my family to a nice restaurant where we frequently dine. The food was wonderful as always, but the service on this particular night was atrocious. The waiter was condescending, he was nasty to my children, and he succeeded in putting a damper on what should have been a wonderful evening. On my way out I shared my experience with the manager. He confided in me that they had lost four servers over the past month and out of desperation, had made some bad decisions in bringing their replacements on board. It got me thinking about how critical it is to have the “right” people in a business.…

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