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Put More Fun in Your Life

My wife was riding on a bike path as a little girl (probably seven or eight years old) approached from the opposite direction. Just before they crossed paths, a series of mud puddles presented themselves. In an attempt to remain clean and dry, my wife carefully plotted her path to avoid the puddles. As she was doing this, the little girl sped up and rode directly through the middle of each puddle letting out a shriek of delight as mud covered her beautiful outfit. It’s clear who had more fun in this situation. At some point in our lives we become “too mature” to do things like this. We get vain and more uptight as a result. Given the option, I’ll take fun over uptight all day long. The question becomes, how can you put more fun in your life?

  1. Be impulsive

Have you noticed that when you have big plans for an event you often come away disappointed, yet when you have no plans you end up having a great time just going with the flow? Big plans come with big expectations. When you are impulsive you are in the moment. You’re not thinking about the future with a preconceived idea on what the experience should be. Instead you become a participant in the experience as it unfolds.

  1. Stop taking yourself so seriously

As adults we take on responsibilities. To finance our lifestyle we get “serious” jobs. As our relationships grow they become “serious” relationships.If we choose to have children we enter the “serious” world of parenting. Before we know it we have become so busy being serious that we no longer have fun. While there are times to be serious, there are also situations where we can lighten up and have fun. Stop taking yourself so seriously.

  1. Laugh and smile often

When was the last time that you laughed so hard that you could hardly breathe? What percentage of the time do you have a smile on your face? If you want to improve the quality of your life here is a simple solution: smile more often and spend your time with people that make you laugh.

  1. Lose your ego

Accept the fact that you are no better than anyone else. You may make more money, have a better education, or have had more favorable breaks in life. That doesn’t make you better. Regardless of whom you encounter, chances are high that they can either do things you cannot, or have knowledge that you don’t possess. The exterminator with an 8th grade education still knows more than do you about eliminating insects from your house.

Take a moment to reflect on your life. Have you become an overly serious person? If you are even contemplating a “yes” answer, it’s time to lighten up. Stop taking yourself so seriously. Engage with people that make you laugh. Spend more time with a smile on your face, and don’t be afraid to let go and do things on impulse. Put more fun in your life!

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